Urban Ecology Center

This post is going to be rather different than my last with Great Basin Institute, which is admittedly a bit exciting (I think). This time, I heard from Jennifer Callaghan, who is the Coordinator of Research and Citizen Science at the Urban Ecology Center (UEC) in Milwaukee, WI. Her responsibilities vary seasonally. April through Ocotober, Jennifer…Read more Urban Ecology Center


Deer, Plants, and Itty Bitty Mammals

It’s November. In Wisconsin, that means that everyone is obsessed with one animal: white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus). If you are not hitting them with your car, you are probably hunting them. If you are not doing either of those, you have at least seen them. As often overabundant megafauna, they tend to have a large impact…Read more Deer, Plants, and Itty Bitty Mammals

So you want to work in ecology research

Do you have that odd person whispering over your shoulder giving you job advice based on their experience in a totally different field? Parent, relative, friend's parent, or even friends? They say things like "don't specialize too soon! You'll never find a job!" or "don't work for a company out of state if they won't…Read more So you want to work in ecology research


After existing only in thought for months, my science blog has become a reality! I spent this past summer working at a nature center, learning oodles of new information for coworkers and my research project. Working with a variety of people who know much more than you can be seriously intimidating, so I struggled with wanting…Read more Welcome!